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Welcome to Spring!
Tons of New Plants are Here and Arriving Weekly
Tropical Flowers, Drought Tolerant  Plants, Vines & More Are Here
Tropicanna Canna Mandevilla Tropical Hibiscus
Tropicanna Canna Mandevilla Tropical Hibiscus
Vitex Color Guard Yucca Ebony Flame Crape Myrtle
Vitex Color Guard Yucca Ebony Flame Crape Myrtle
Pistachio Hydrangea Jackmanii Clematis Grandmas Yellow Rose
Pistachio Hydrangea Jackmanii Clematis Grandmas Yellow Rose

Spring is here and how better to enjoy the warm days and mild nights ahead than in your own backyard surrounded by lush palms and vibrant colored tropicals! Perhaps a xeriscape design with drought tolerant plants is more your style, or maybe a more traditional garden complete with lots of blooming and evergreen plants suits you best. No matter what look appeals to you, we have beautiful flowers, trees, shrubs, grasses and vines that will transform your yard in to your own paradise. Here's a sampling of some of the plants that are new or expected in the coming week:

  • Huge assortment of colorful annual and perennial flowers
  • Several varieties of Cannas , including Tropicana Canna, Black & Gold
  • Gorgeous hanging baskets and container gardens for instant pops of spring color
  • Mandevilla in shrubs, trellis, teepees & hanging baskets
  • Gold Star Esperanza & Sunset Ixora
  • Tropical hibiscus in braided-trunk (3 different flower colors per tree), single-trunk trees & shrubs
  • Hardy (perennial) Hibiscus – several varieties including Texas Star
  • Mediterranean Fan Palms – One of the hardiest for our area
  • Orange Zest Cestrum – Glossy green leaf shrub w/fragrant yellow tubular flowers
  • Vitex (aka Lavender or Chaste Tree or Texas Lilac) – Delta Blues, Shoal Creek & Blue Puffball
  • Agave (several varieties) & Santa Rita Prickly Pear Cactus – Very heat & drought tolerant
  • Color Guard (variegated) Yucca – Bright color for water-wise gardens
  • Althea (Rose of Sharon) – Beautiful water-wise summer bloomers in shrub & tree-form
  • Bubba Desert Willow – Blooms spring thru fall & drought/heat tolerant
  • Crape Myrtles –Ebony Flame, Ebony & Ivory, Red Rooster, Natchez & lots more!  Drought tolerant bloomers!
  • Desperado Texas Sage – Blooms summer to fall/Drought tolerant
  • Deodara Feelin Blue Patio trees – Unique specimen plant
  • Jubilation & Double Mint Gardenias – Sweet smelling white flowers
  • Hydrangeas – Endless Summer varieties, Pistachio, Limelight, Silver Blue Variegated & Ellen Huff (Oakleaf)
  • Shishi Gashira, Yuletide & various October Magic Camellias
  • Emerald Spreader Yews – low, spreading evergreen for shade-part shade
  • Passion Vines, Madison Hardy Star Jasmine, Carolina Jessamine, Tangerine Beauty Cross-vine – Flowering vines for sun
  • Clematis Vines - Jackmanii, Nelly Moser, Pink Champagne & more – Showy flowering vines for part-shade
  • Blue Moon, Lavender Falls, Amethyst Falls & Evergreen Wisteria – Gorgeous & fragrant blooming vines
  • Big Hollies (15-45 gal) Liberty, Nellie R. Stevens, Oakland
  • Encore & Bloom-a-thon Azaleas – repeat bloomers in lots of vibrant colors
  • Julia Child, Grandma's Yellow, and more Drift & Knockout Roses

Come in person to pick your favorites or go to our Available Stock List to check out new arrivals, varieties, sizes, and prices.  See our Planting Advice and Articles for helpful planting tips, and check us out on Facebook to see lots of pictures of what's in stock.

We Dig Cashiers with Enthusiasm

We're looking for Cashiers who are available to work full-time and part-time hours, especially mornings and weekends. If you have an upbeat personality and the desire to provide the best service to our customers, we'd like to talk with you!

Apply in person, or see Join Our Team on our website Home page to download our employment application. You may also send your resume to or

Edible Gardens Are In

Edible Gardens Are InMore and more people are getting back to growing their own food and for many good reasons. Home grown fruit and veggies are more delicious and nutritious, and it's just cool to harvest your own food to eat! Gardening allows you to get some exercise, which may also lower your blood pressure, and it gives you a strong sense of accomplishment and well-being. Make it a family affair and get the kids involved. They'll enjoy gardening while getting a great science lesson… and they may even ask for seconds on those vegetables they helped to grow! 

It's time to get your garden started, and you can make it especially easy if you plant in raised beds or large containers. Here are some simple steps to a successful garden:

  1. Choose a planting location with 6 or more hours of sun.
  2. Prepare rich, well-drained soil by tilling in plenty of compost and expanded shale.
  3. Plant veggies & fruit you and your family like to eat that are size-appropriate for the space you have.
  4. Feed your plants with a good fertilizer.
  5. Add 2 inches of mulch to control weeds and retain moisture in the soil, then water as needed.

Come in today for veggies, melons, herbs, berries, grapes, fruit trees, and all the gardening supplies you need. Find helpful tips for a delicious and productive garden under "Edibles" in our website Planting Advice and Articles.

Great Selection of Plants on Sale

Great Selection of Plants on SaleWe have 18 acres of the prettiest plants for your landscape, and hundreds of them are on sale for 20-50% off! For your convenience, we include all of our shrubs, ornamental grasses, vines and trees that are on sale, including those in our "Half Price House", on our Available Stock List. It's updated at least once a week and is an easy way for you to check what's on sale. Also, in most cases, you can click the plant names to view a picture and description of the plants, courtesy of Greenleaf Nursery and Monrovia Nursery.

Whether you are creating new landscape beds, updating existing landscape, or simply adding trees for future shade, you will find a huge variety of plants at great prices at Covington's!

Ask Burton

Burton MjolhusBurton specializes in diagnosing and solving plant problems. You may be experiencing these same issues, so we want to share Burton’s advice.

Please bring actual bugs or plants or photos showing the problem when you come to get your gardening problems identified.

This week's all about lawn nutrition, as it's time to fertilize! The end of March marks the time to start fertilizing all turf grasses in our area. Get your lawn off to a great start this spring with proper nutrition to keep your lawn a nice, strong green. This time of year you have two fertilizer options to choose from in a conventional-maintenance program, and one best option for an organic program:

  • For a lawn that is stressed or new: Start your spring with our Covington's Premium 21-7-14 with iron fertilizer. This will encourage a strong root system for your turf and green it up nicely. Lawns under two years old, or lawns you're just now trying to bring up to par fall into this category.
  • If  your lawn is well-maintained and you just need a good push of green for spring, or your soil analysis indicates the only thing your soil is short of is nitrogen: Use our Covington's 25-0-0 all-nitrogen fertilizer for an immediate greening that doesn't fade away quickly afterwards! Established lawns that have been in for more than two years rarely need more than nitrogen and some trace minerals for good green color and health.

A soil test from the Extension Service is inexpensive and will show you exactly what your turf needs for proper feeding. It's a good idea to do this every few years, as the nutritional content of your soil will change over time depending upon your chosen fertilizer program.

  • For organically maintained lawns: Apply dried molasses at the rate of 20# per 1000 sq. ft., and back this application up with an organic turf fertilizer like our Make it Green 4-1-2. Both are necessary for the best results, feeding your soil to give you the nicely green lawn you want.

Whichever path you choose, feed your grass now so you can enjoy your results this spring.

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As you, our regular readers, know, the Webletter we send out weekly is filled with helpful information about planting in North Texas, as well as our latest specials. But if you have a friend who's enthusiastic about having a beautiful yard and seeing the best of the new material as soon as it arrives, recommend our Webletter to them!

They'll see that it's also filled with pictures taken here at the nursery, usually in the same week the article is published, of the newest trees, shrubs, and flowers as they come in. Why settle for generalized pictures of a common shrub when you can see the very plants we have available, right now?

Covington's Nursery & Landscape

At Covington's Nursery you'll find: 18 acres and 28 greenhouses, 2 ponds, trees, shrubs, vines, ground covers, annual and perennial color, pottery, fountains, and a gift shop. We're open 7 days a week to serve you.

Remember Covington's for a vast selection of quality plants to choose from (18 acres!), and the knowledge & service to help you with your landscaping needs. Email Covington's  --   You can also Share this Page with a Friend.

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Gardening Tips

Now that March has arrived and the weather is nice, we all want to be outside tidying up around the yard and getting and getting our lawn and landscape looking great. One of the key chores on your "To Do List" should be fertilizing all of your plants including trees, shrubs, groundcovers, perennials and lawn grass.  Be sure to also feed your flowers and veggies. Check our March Gardening Tips for what else you can do this month.

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